Friday, January 16, 2009

Jeff Jr. Has Been Found!

jeff jr. has been found. i was looking at his empty tank mournfully and he swam out from behind a large rock. i don't know if he left and came back or if he was hiding the whole time... i just know that he's here now and i'm not letting him out of my sight.

i'd like to thank everyone for their support during what was a difficult time for me. while i've had many pets die (seriously, many many pets) i've never actually just lost one.

wait, that's not true... i lost a cat fifteen years ago. her name was cat, and she had long black hair with a little bit of white on her face, mainly around her nose. i lost her because my room mate insisted that she would find her way home if i allowed her to become an "outdoors" cat.

i've never forgiven myself. i waited on the porch for days... but to no avail. i hope she's doing well wherever she is. maybe she went to try her luck in vegas or settled down somewhere to raise a family. maybe my room mate hated cat and planned the whole thing so that she could trap her once she wandered outside and then kill her in a ritualistic sacrifice to some demon god. i'll never know, and i have to accept that.

anyways, thanks for all the support everyone:-)

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