Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Most Powerful and Moving Political Blog You'll EVER READ!

i was going to write an earth shattering political blog... the type of blog you'd want to make a hard copy of to hand down to your grandchildren. then i realized i know next to nothing about politics. i'm sorry for getting everyone's hopes up, the truth is i'm a child of the seventies and grew up in the eighties and nineties; a bad time for political involvement by youth. maybe everyone else had a different experience, but i remember the eighties and nineties being about one thing and one thing only... me.

i really don't think i'm alone in this one. the culture of self absorption had fully set in when i was coming of age. maybe it was a natural backlash from the uber politicking of teenagers and young adults in the fifties and sixties, but i wasn't interested and neither were any of my friends. not really anyways. sure everyone had an opinion gleaned from the headlines, but no real passion.

lately i've been trying to learn more about the world and actively seek out information to fill my head up. i've been doing alright, but what i've learned is pretty much what i suspected... that tragedy sells. i've always read the paper, and i routinely check out for additional worldly info but none of it really grabs me. certainly none of it sticks. i can speak for exactly five minutes on any topic but if i am questioned i am forced to change the subject or admit my ignorance. i would like to be one of those people who can toss out dates and names but i have neither the intellectual capacity or the enthusiasm to learn that much.

ah well, que sera sera... most of what i've learned in my self imposed history and current events lessons can be summed up in the following truths:

i've learned that every current event has multiple historical equivalents.

i've learned that nothing is so tacky, tragic, or cruel that people won't want to do it again and again.

i've learned that all pride is a highway to hell. no matter how well intentioned.

i've learned that righteous anger is the most satisfying type of anger.

i've learned that if basic courtesy were applied to every situation on the planet there would be no drama. by this i mean courtesy by all involved, not just a courteous arbitrator.

i've learned that if a black child is missing or killed it doesn't sell newspapers, but if a white child is missing or killed the nation stops to look/help/mourn, and new laws will appear that are named after the child.

i've learned that the extended family of a missing or killed child are immediately pitied and loved regardless of them having had the opportunity to help the child and not bothering to do so.

i've learned that mob mentality is a recipe for disaster, even when the mob has the right idea.

i've learned that the sadness and sense of loss after a story of heroics and sacrifice only lasts for a half hour.

i've learned that stories in which children have been harmed make me mournful and outraged and yet no more tolerant of my neighbor's loud ass mean kid.

i've learned that if a bunch of people promote themselves well enough as a group it causes the group itself to appear better than the individuals that actually comprise it.

i've learned that there are more sides to every story than letters in the dictionary.

i've learned that "personal" stories are far more interesting than statistic driven articles. i'm human, i need only one compelling witness statement to completely drown out any opposing numbers or facts.

i've learned that there has been no government that ever existed that truly cared about it's people. power craves ruthlessness and ruthlessness craves power.

i've learned that people can be beautiful, brilliant, heroic, stupid, needy, dishonest and dull all in the space of a week. sometimes less.

there you have it... you can all stop reading the paper and watching the news now. nothing will come up that i have not addressed. my research has been thorough, if not at all well documented. and i've paraphrased for you. maybe the newspapers should do that and save everyone time. maybe they should just say "bad things and good things happened, people were killed and people were saved. some assholes got justice served to them and some good people were rewarded, but mostly it was the other way around."


  1. Nice work - I've been doing the same and coming to pretty much the same conclusions. I'm beginning to remember that the more I inform myself about the world, the more it depresses me. Let's all go outside and play instead!

  2. i concur. except it's cold out there. i've re-edited to add some important life lessons that i can't believe i forgot to put in the first time. well, i can believe i forgot i guess... i tend to do that a lot.

  3. "i've learned that if a bunch of people promote themselves well enough as a group it causes the group itself to appear better than the individuals that actually comprise it."

    don't you talk about the Great State that way, you .... rapscallion, you!

    1. please i was barely even totally talking about mantana there