Saturday, November 6, 2010

i've partially solved the time riddle!

time doesn't exist in the way we think of it.

now i think time is actually motion, the movement of us and the complex movement of everything around us from bacteria to the oxidizing agents that cause our bodies to wither. even our bodies failure to prevent the aging is the result of movement and effort. we work til we stop, that's about it.

so now that i'm thinking of time in this way instead of as a big room that we're falling through i want everyone to know that i am the master of space and time. if i wanted to, i could seal something up so that time, i.e. movement or corruptive forces, couldn't get to it. i can hit "pause" on any number of things, except myself, because that would require action on my part after i've ceased the ability to move and plus i wouldn't be "alive" to enjoy being on perma-pause so why bother.

so far in nature there hasn't been anything that can resist the motion of the world around it. rocks wear down over "time", but the truth is they wear down because things are rubbing against them. we can "speed up" times effects on rocks any "time" we want. we can speed up our own aging anytime we want. or slow it down, but not completely.

do you understand what i'm saying? that time is the effect of movement? not that things "move" through time, but that time IS movement? if i roll a ball across the floor it will take "time" to get there, that's how we notice time. we notice when it takes a long or short time to do something. we notice that we're not as young as we used to be, that it took "time" to age us. but the reality is that time has nothing to do with anything. i can drive a car until it breaks down or i can put it in a hermetically sealed garage and keep it pristine forever. i can even take the car apart and melt everything down into its original state. time is my bitch, not the other way around. unfortunately i am still the elements bitch.

everything that i'm made of is struggling to expand again into the universe. and i don't mean that i'm getting fatter. i mean that my will is all that holds me together, or my soul, whatever. every day millions of my cells succumb to the allure of the unknown and escape me. that's the motion that i'm talking about, that's the abrasive nature of the elements, both internal and external, not time. eventually when i've had enough all of me will have a chance at a new life, at new lives.